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Easily Follow 50+ Growth Thought Leaders [RSS Import]


Feedly Growth Leaders

A couple weeks ago Zack Onisko published an outstanding list of 50+ growth hacker blogs.  I couldn’t find any fast way to add them all to my RSS reader, so today I manually turned them all into an OPML file that can easily be imported.

If you want to learn growth, but don’t have the time to add each blog individually, you can simply import this file to your favorite RSS reader and start learning!

1. Download The OPML File

Click here to download the preformatted file that you can import to your RSS reader.

2. Import Into Your Favorite RSS Reader

Here’s a quick how-to GIF for Feedly:

importing to feedly

Who’s in this import?

The import only contains people from Zack’s list.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to include these four people for technical reasons:

Also, my website is not on the list, but I would be honored if you want to follow this blog through email (see right sidebar) or RSS.

By Nate Desmond
A playbook for growth marketing

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