A playbook for growth marketing

First Principles


Status: Outline; Last Updated: June 1, 2018 (LIVING BOOK)

Chapter Goal: Identify the simplest first principles behind successful marketing.

Table of Contents

(Unlinked chapters below are not yet completed. More chapters are being written and edited regularly.)

  1. True First Principles: 1. All customers differ 2. All customers change 3. All competitors react 4. All resources are limited
  2. Finding The Silver Bullet: 10x growth is realistic
  3. Creativity Can Be Forced: it’s a simple 4 step process
  4. Minimum Effective Dose: more /= better
  5. Ethics Before Everything: permission marketing isn’t just for priests
  6. People Not Numbers: CTR will never tell you why
  7. Be An Honest Scientist-Artist: merging qual and quant to find the truth
  8. Product-Market Fit: marketing is an amplifier, not a magic box
  9. Do Things That Don’t Scale: if you don’t land your first 100 customers, you’ll never need to worry about reaching 1M
  10. Hiring Beats Execution: you can only do so much individually, but a great team can do 100x
A playbook for growth marketing

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