A playbook for growth marketing

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Status: First Draft; Last Updated: May 6, 2018 (LIVING BOOK)

Years ago in my marketing journey, I started a simple Google Doc attempting to answer a single question: what should a marketer learn?

Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to apply my practice across both consumer and business products, large companies and small startups, new launches and existing products.

And across all those different areas, I’ve seen glimpses, here and there, of a single framework that remains consistent across thousands of different marketing manifestations.  This book is about that framework (primarily Dave McClure’s AARRR metrics framework), the many resulting strategies, and hundreds of stories of grand success and stunning failure.

Table Of Contents

(Unlinked chapters below are not yet completed. More chapters are being written and edited regularly.)

  1. Foundations
    1. Marketer = Agent of Behavioral Change
    2. First Principles
    3. Marketing Frameworks
  2. Revenue (the lifeblood)
    1. Business Models
    2. Dashboarding / SQL
  3. Acquisition (getting through the door)
    1. User Research
    2. Brand Marketing
    3. Performance Marketing
    4. Marketing Channels Guide (both push and pull)
  4. Activation (building the habit)
    1. Product Design
    2. Onboarding
  5. Engagement (grow the habit)
    1. Grow The Pie
    2. Experiment/Launch Cycle
  6. Referral (share the habit)
    1. Virality
    2. Affiliate programs
  7. Retention (recover the habit)
    1. Proactive recovery
    2. Saying goodbye
    3. Reactivation
  8. Personal Development
    1. Building a marketer
    2. Building a marketing team
  9. Further Reading
    1. Recommended books
    2. Case studies (also scattered throughout)

Who Is It For?

Like any good product, this playbook is written for an audience I know well: me. It’s intended to help crystalize everything I’ve learned over the years, as well as to facilitate my exploration of some of the dustier corners of marketing that I haven’t engaged in just yet. Hopefully, you will also find it useful.

  • Active marketers: Use this book to expand your strategy toolkit and inspire your creativity.
  • Startup founders: Skim through to get the 10,000 foot view of marketing, giving you a better foundation for choosing and evaluating the marketers you work with.
  • Marketing students: The complexity is overwhelming at first, but start with the frameworks, and then dig in further where interested. Get hands-on: marketing is not an academic field.

Living Book

This book is alive! Specifically, it’s only partially written and edited. Think of it like Wikipedia, but with more reliable sources.  Every day, this book grows little by little – a chapter added here, a case study completed there – but in the meantime you’re welcome to enjoy the parts that are completed.

A playbook for growth marketing

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